Saturday, October 25, 2008

This is why I created this blogspot

These recipes are all fav's ....some remind me of my childhood, some I couldn't stand back then but would give anything to relish these now...........
My childhood was surrounded with my loving brothers, a few of my cousins and  my late grandmom. There always was typical amchi food cooked by my grandmom who we all called her as MAUMA.  As a little girl, I loved to watch her cook whenever I could and would demand to help her out with anything related to cooking. To not disappoint me, she would hand me a wooden mortar (golmbi, is that even a real amchi word?)  that was as big as a mixing bowl and a smooth large rock as a pestle to crush garlic for lasun pann or coconut and spices for a snack delicacy that we Amchi's call phov. I'm sure I took my own  sweet time and made enough mess to add to her work but this little time in the kitchen with Mauma was very special for me and made me feel like I really helped her in the kitchen ( especially since the boys didnt care to have me in their game).  Most of the time, she cooked while me and my siblings were at school and never realised how much thought and effort she had to put in making all the delicacies with ease and taste to die for. Reminds me how ungrateful a child can be at times!

Mom's cooking came many years after mauma passed away. At this stage, I didnt want any part in the kitchen as I'd rather spend my days with friends than home.  I can't picture how carefree my days were, back in the day!

 It was  years later that I had my own kitchen that I  HAD to cook which made me realise that cooking is not inbuilt  :( ......and following a recipe does not help much too. When I followed a recipe to the T, I expected the outcome to taste somewhat little like what Mauma or Mom made. Unfortunately, it was nowhere close...poor Vinu, *wink!
Many many experiments later did my cooking turn out a little bit edible and of course, I have to mention that I have a  good food critic by my side. Yes, Vinayak is great when it comes to finding out where things went wrong and the steps that could have been avoided so we could be a little successful each time we repeat  the dish. It isn't a easy task to follow instruction while I have a on the knife....kidding, of course!  :) As irritating as it was back then, I think that he really helped bringing a better cook in me. Yes, my secret's out. I couldn't even boil an egg just right ...without overcooking the yolk or make  perfect fluffy rice. I said it out leave this alone & lets get cooking!
Here are the  few of the dishes most preferred by my Hubby and my two brats....

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