Saturday, December 6, 2008

Masala dosa

The pic on the top is what I desire to achieve........on the bottom is what I actually did. Of course, my pic doesn't look as good...........its missing the banana leaf,chutney sambhar,bhaji...the works.

1 cup urad dal
3 cups rice ( I use Ponni raw rice
1 tsp methi seeds
1 cup poha
1/2 cup maida
2 tbsp sugar, yes, u read it right!

Soak rice and urad dal separately. Soak methi with poha. Grind about 6 hrs later. Grind Urad dal, methi and poha for about 30 mins making sure all the daal have now become into a fluffy smooth batter.
Remove the batter and then grind the rice to a paste. Rice should be ground fine. To make sure if your rice batter is the right consistency, the feel of the batter is something close to the finest rava you find in the grocery store.Add salt and let the batter ferment.
Just before u make the dosa, mix sugar and maida with a little water and add it to the batter.This helps make crispier dosa.