Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Malai kulfi

8 oz mango pulp
Coconut Milk -1 can
everest masala( dry fruits mix)- 3 tbsp
cool whip- 1 tub
condensed milk -6 oz
dry nuts-pistachio,almond,cashew nuts
saffron strands- about 2 pinches.

Mix all except cool whip to a well blended mixture.Fold in the cool whip,
prepare the bowl by sprinkling a little dry nut powders and saffron strands as a garnish, then pour malai into kulfi molds or into individual ramekins.
while serving, invert the kulfi into a plate to have the bottom of the ramekin as the top to beautify your creation.

Mango pulp can be substituted with chikoo.
Coconut milk can be substituted with evaporated milk.
There are no rules when u make this recipe as this is a no fail recipe.

In the past when I made these, I have divided the malai into 3 and added mango to one part, pistachio to another and just saffron to the third to make it tri coloured and poured it into layers into a loaf pan.Just to achievethe look of the ice cream slabs we used to eat at "Ideals" in India.
Pictured above.......mango,raspberry and pistachio kulfi.