Monday, July 4, 2011

Mysore masal dosa

 A peek at what was for breakfast this morning! Yum!

 A mental image of a  hearty breakfast  to be put out to relish (and savour) drives me out of bed on this special day. I'm just about ready for the brunch I'm hosting this weekend with a new zest as the arrival of a close friend brings out enthusiasam in my otherwise lazy holiday morning. This meal is also a favourite when done right. So pressure's on!

It's about time to get started with the prep to have it ready for the hungry bunch (who are so lucky to get hours to lounge on bed) so I'll be done  before they get to the kitchen. It would be wonderful to have a few things prepped but I'm not a a fan of cooking half  the food previous eve & the rest of it early in the morning to save time later...seriously, there's restaurants for that. Good things come to those who wait( especially this case)! This dry garlic chutney  also called losuni puddi (dry)chutney though is an exception.  
The regular masala dosa  is getting a zing today, transforming  from the usual to the infamous Mysore masala dosa with the chutney.  
 Recipe remains the same to make masala dosa, potato bhaji & the corriander chutney. The dry garlic chutney ( warmed in a microwave for a minute to moisten & releast oil from the coconut)smeared on the dosa ( while still on tava) as it is getting crisper by the minute is the only addition . All these sides takes  atleast a couple hours of prep into making them from the kitchen to table.  All well worth!