Saturday, May 21, 2011

Shevai ani batate vaagu

Thanks to Deepa & Rajesh Pai who treated us to this amchi feast last evening.  I could tell by Rajesh's  enthusiasm that he was about to debut a  new dish which made this much awaited meet up all the more special.
Dinner was made with great dedication taking care to perfect the shevai (string hoppers) as well as making a innovative chicken dish (yet to be named ) to go along with the string hoppers. Veg lovers  had the option of batate vaagu, karathe nonche & karanda nonche, just arrived from India...yum! What a delish!
Our impromptu meet ( impromtu for us, I think it was pre-planned by the Pai's) made me realise that we must really mean a lot to them as they went all out with the food prep for a simple casual meet.  Either way,  good food to go with great company, who's complaining! ;)
I'm glad to have had the best shevai available to me in the U S from the Pai kitchen.
(Chicken recipe will be borrowed &  posted upon request via mail).