Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Doodh peda

The need to make this came from a  dear friend  Deepa Pai who inspires me with her ideas & we've  been wanting to make this for a couple weeks now. I have been hearing about this at every phone conversation for the past week, so we decided to pic a day &  make this at our next meet. The Tuesday where D's dreams of doodh peda was about to come true was finally here.
The peda making started in full josh and the microwaving part was done. The excitement died just as fast when it came to dinner time (that's where I screwed up, big time!) We let the mixture cool down completely (not deliberately, of course)  as we were busy yapping off  & leisurely relished our dinner. The ending result was the crumbled up balls( flattening them made it look worse) of peda. The flavor was the only thing unaltered, thanks to condensed milk in it.
The peda making dream stuck with me since I was on a quest to make the kind with kesar & dried nuts as a garnish to beautify it. Making such a easy sweet dish did not do justice if I didn't put extra little effort in it. Hence, the birth of these sweeties.

Milk Powder – 2 cups
Condensed Milk – 1 can (14 OZ)
butter- 1 stick
Saffron – few strands

Take a wide microwave safe bowl and heat the butter just until it melts.
Now add both, the condensed milk and milk powder and microwave for 5 mins stirring (use the sturdiest sspoon you have)after every minute.
Here's where I tweaked, I added 1 heaped spoon of malt (badam doodh) powder + 2 tbsp kesari milk masala (Everest brand), elaichi + kesar for garnish.Mix the above to dough, knead to smooth texture. Cool the mixture for a few mins for you to handle the warm dough. Now roll the pedhas into a ball, flatten it then press saffron strands to the center.
Share these sweeties( along with the recipe) at your next girls meet & talk about the ease(that went into making) of this sweet.

G's note: Recipe used was from "show me the curry" at my friends place.
Second attempt by me was using the same recipe with a couple tweaks. I'm impressed myself! All thanks to D for the push. Can't wait for us to try something new again!