Monday, September 27, 2010

Hiatus & a sweet comeback

My little blogging hiatus has been getting to me lately. I have no reason to explain my disappearance but let me do it any way for a moment so as to give my friend bloggers a peak at what I experienced this summer. Here goes!

The usual worries with the onset of spring about the upcoming 10 weeks of summer vacation, entertaining or at least arranging activities for the kids was more like a research. Just a few of the things in my list of responsibilities were organizing tons of play dates + watching few extra kids as a favour, stocking up the freezer with all kinds of frozen goodies, keeping the popcorn & DVDs stocked up for sleep-overs, the drop off to camps, pick ups, finding THE reliable back up, striking off the list of promised activities such as ride to the local ice cream shop, the Zoo, the playground, the pool...oy ve! all as the norms of a parent in the U S. It's fun & all but sometimes, I'd rather mop my house twice and refold my laundry.

As any parent would want/ wish, I for one sure wishes my kids to remember their vacation as a great one & us as their parents who are COOL(er) than the Jones's.
As it turned out, I could have my wish granted. I consider myself one lucky mom this summer. Everything went well as planned.... a trip to India which would cover all of the above.

My dreams of being in India for the whole season & spending endless days with the extra set(s) of hands in the kitchen, hands & foot service, the spontaneous drop im of the relatives, worry free child care was actually going to happen. All of the luxuries to be pampered, to be free was happily accomplished. I can go on & on but enough already! The point has been made.

So my sweet dish after the break is Dudholi which you can find here.

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