Saturday, February 13, 2010

Vanilla cake with choc frosting

Mix together cake flour, water, eggs and oil to a smooth batter.

Spray the pan with cooking spray or smear with butter generously. Bake at 325F for 1 hr for a 8 inch diameter by 3 inch height. ( 8 X 3)

Remove from oven. A well done cake should leave the sides of the pan.

Remove after 10 mins, while it is still warm to ensure the easy release of the cake.

Cool on a cooling rack till completely cooled.

Smear some icing on the base of your cake board so that the cake won't slide during placing.

Make as many layers as desired. In my case, due a good height of cake pan, I got 4 layers out of 3".

Pipe a ring of icing so the filling does not ooze out, between each layers.

Ice the top of the cake first by using a lot of icing on top since it is easy to remove extra icing but hard to put it back on if your spatula touches the cake, making all the crumbs to ruin your cake.

Ice the sides next, again without letting the spatula touch the cake. At this point, the spatula should touch the icing only at all times, for the same reason explained above.

A comletely iced cake, also called crumb coating. The cake is visible and the crumbs may show through the worries, since this is getting a second coat of icing. Now the cake can be chilled for an hour to seal the crumbs. I skipped the step since I did not get crumbs on my first coat.

A second coat was applied(In my case chocolate) Decorated and was ready for presentation.

Here's a second look as I totally loved making this for my sweetie!

The irresistable chocolate rose. If I may say so, myself!

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Nisa Homey said...

Hi first time here, cake looks yummy. How did u make chocolate rose.