Monday, October 25, 2010

Anniversary cake

I challenged myself last week to see just how good of a decorator I could be & excitedly agreed to bake a cake for my sis's anniversary
(her idea, a simple cake for a few goodfriends ..pufft...simple cakes are found at grocery stores, my cake had to be the kind we find in the magazine... something to get a 'WOW' out of her).

The prep work, the baking, the decorating to the debut of my latest cake was a huge success & the best part was that couple absolutely adored the cake. That makes the sleepless nights all the more worthwhile. Although I had the cake secure enough to travel down 3 hrs so it wouldn’t move, the mental image of my cake shimmering like jello all the way to the 'big apple' consumed my thoughts. My 3 hrs were consumed by mentally sketching & erasing the imaginary masterpiece shatter. Lucky for me, all that I imagine doesnt turn out true!

Among the compliments came all the queries on the process of getting this done.I sheepishly had to reveal it wasn't that big a deal & the cake baking was super easy as well as the decorating, especially since i use the 'box mix' cakes to craft my decoration. Because I trust my box mix wholeheartedly, I can confidently offer to make a party perfect display, If I may say so myself! Check it out!

The cake recipe was 4 boxes of white cake mix for a 10', 8' & a 6'cake. I'm a total cheat to use a premade/ measured box, but that’s A-OK. With this type of cake, where there are other details and things to take care of, I think it’s perfectly fine to cheat.


sudha said...

what more can i saw about this masterpiece then just say that we did not have a heart to cut it.That's how beautiful it stood on my table.white,tall and pretty.

Aparna S Mallya said...

Loved it! And yr roses r so large and beautiful!

rk said...

Awesome, G! You are so good at this. Great work!